Elite Titles

Introducing Elite Titles – Unusual Corporate Gifts For Businesses who want to Present A Unique Reward

Are you hunting for an appropriate gift to reward and recognise staff, colleagues or customers?

Are you tired of predictable branded merchandise, hampers, or days out vouchers and want something “different” – even “unexpected”?

Would you like to get people talking and give a business gift that stays with the recipient long after your awards ceremony concludes?

If so, Elite Titles can help...

You see, we’ve been supplying Seated and Non-Seated Titles to corporates and individuals across the world for over 15 years.

In short, we can arrange for your recipient to legally become an English Lord, Lady (or any one of 15 different titles) for show purposes. This is a title that stays with the recipient for life and can be used on all their legal documentation (including passports, driving licences and bankcards).

As a result, this unusual corporate gift is a fun way to raise someone’s social status and allow them to enjoy a taste of English aristocracy and nobility.

Just imagine their reaction when they discover they’ve joined the “titled elite!”

And the fun doesn’t stop there… If your recipient decides to use their new title in public, they could even receive VIP or celebrity treatment (such as flight upgrades) – just like some of our other happy clients.

“She loved it and was gob smacked. Thank you.”

Here’s how this unique title service works…

Make your customers or colleagues a Lord or Lady

In our celebrity culture, a title allows “normal folk” to enjoy a taste of the high life and join the elite few – for show purposes of course! Through our unique title service, you can buy one of 15 English titles for colleagues, staff or even special customers.

Whilst Lord and Lady is the stand out bestseller, the following options are also available:

As a result, this unusual corporate gift offers a fun, unique way for recipients to enjoy a taste of the high life. Enjoyed by British and international companies alike, presenting someone with a title is a memorable talking point that creates a buzz amongst staff.

To decide which titles are most appropriate for your needs, simply click on the options above. You can learn about the meaning and social ranking of each, and then pick the best match for your intended recipient.

Alternatively, contact us and we’ll talk you through each of the title options and advise which is most suitable for your particular occasion.

Discover unusual gifts to commemorate an important occasion

Title gifts work well for all sorts of corporate occasions. So feel free to be creative and reward someone special in your organisation in a totally unique way. For example:

  • Recognise success or a specific achievement
  • Acknowledge long service
  • Present an unforgettable retirement gift
  • Create some unforgettable business fun at the office Christmas party
  • Make VIP customers feel extra important
  • Create a buzz at an important PR or media event

The possibilities are endless – how you use a gift title is up to you…

“Thanks Andrew! Our titles were a HUGE hit at yesterday’s event!”

Discretion assured
Over the years, we’ve supplied titles for everything from an intimate retirement do, to a big media event where 50 titles were presented en masse (including some A-list celebrities).

Discretion is assured. Unless you give permission, we NEVER reveal to who we’ve supplied titles. As such, you can maintain privacy and ensure no one ever knows how your recipient came to be an English Lord or Lady or a Duke or Duchess.

Order now from just £195 per title (plus postage)

Your all-inclusive fee for this unusual corporate gift includes:

  • Your chosen title from our extensive list
  • A document package including:
  • A beautifully presented Certificate of Title, which is ideal for framing. We can even include a discretely placed company logo (should you wish)
  • The Title Deed (the cover of which can also be branded with your logo)
  • Comprehensive guidance notes explaining how the recipient can legally use their new title
  • Preparation of your Title document
  • Worldwide delivery of all your documents

In addition, you can enjoy a significant discount should you buy five Titles or more.

The buying process is straightforward. You’ll be asked to complete some simple forms and supply the personal details for your recipient, and we’ll do the rest.

It’s easy to buy Titles for your corporate awards ceremony

To discuss your event or reward requirement and to discover which title is the best fit for your organisation, just simply contact us.

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