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Updated 17 December 2017

**Note that in addition to the examples of land parcels listed below Lord Andrew also has a small number of, as yet, un-named areas of land to which you could give your own name if you so wish. You might therefore become Lord and Lady (or Earl and Countess, etc) of your own particular place name - your own hometown for example or your place of birth.

EG. Baron and Lady Smith of Brendon, or perhaps Earl and Countess Smith of Broadway

Should this be the case simply enter the name of your choice when completing the Application for Title form - we will write to you within 14 days of receiving your application confirming your choice.

All Seated Titles are £995

Lord & Lady of Springfield

Lord & Lady of Grantley

Lord & Lady of Madeley

Lord & Lady of Kilnsea

Lord & Lady of Upper Street

Lord & Lady of Newby

Lord & Lady of Somersham

Lord & Lady of Butterwick

Lord & Lady of Longwitton

Lord & Lady of Grain

Lord & Lady of Stainfield

Lord & Lady of Longtown

Lord & Lady of Great Ponton

Lord & Lady of Hampton

Lord & Lady of Ellough

Lord & Lady of Radford

Lord & Lady of Preston

**Lord & Lady of "any place name"