Discover Seated Titles:
Unusual Gifts For That Special Someone

Searching for unusual gifts for someone special? If so, a Seated Title could be the perfect choice.

Elite Titles - A magical present
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Raise your social status with a Landed title

Seated Titles are our exclusive premium service that allows you to become a Lord / Lady of your chosen place name. What's more, this unusual opportunity is completely legal and backed by H.M. Land Registry.

Here's how it works…

With a Seated Title, in addition to purchasing a presumed title of your choice, you also become the legal owner of an associated parcel of land in historic Dartmouth. And as the new owner of this land, you then have the option to name it after a UK place name of your choice.

Here are just three examples to show how your new title could read (* represents your surname)…

  • Lord & Lady Smith* of Dartmouth
  • Baron & Baroness Brown* of Plymouth
  • Duke & Duchess Jones* of Camborne etc.

It means these unusual gifts present a unique and a fun way to get a taste for English aristocracy. Just imagine the prestige and privilege you could enjoy as a titled landowner! You may, like some of our other customers, receive free flight upgrades and other preferential treatment as a direct result of your landed title.

Discover unusual gifts to commemorate an important occasion

Because you can customise the place name, your Seated Title could be the ideal way to mark your connection with a special place. In turn your purchase could make the perfect wedding, anniversary or birthday present.

Imagine presenting a loved one with a Seated Title named after:

  • The place they were born
  • The place they met their husband / wife
  • The place they honeymooned
  • The place they now live etc.

It's an unusual gift that will last a lifetime. In addition, as the legal owner of your land parcel, it automatically forms part of your estate and is therefore inheritable. You’ll also receive a beautifully presented Certificate of Title to confirm your new title and land ownership. It's just perfect for framing and a wonderful reminder of your special connection to your chosen part of the UK.

A premium service exclusively from Elite Titles

Elite Titles is the only business within the UK who can offer this unique land and title service.

That's because our Seated Titles were established in 1998, well before the new Land Registry Act of 2002 changed the changed the way in which small, souvenir plots are registered at the Land Registry. It means no one else can provide this unusual opportunity. What's more, because the availability of land parcels in Dartmouth is strictly limited, you're investing in something that's truly unique.

Seated Titles cost just £995

Your all-inclusive fee for this unusual gift includes:

  • Titles of your choice for up to two people from our extensive list
  • A parcel of land (20 cm x 20cm) in historic Dartmouth ready for you to name after a place of your choice.
  • A document package including:
    • A beautifully presented Certificate of Title – it's ideal for framing
    • Your Title Deed
    • UK Government Land Certificate – this official document issued by the H.M. Land Registry proves and guarantees your ownership of the land
    • Comprehensive guidance notes explaining how you can legally use your new title
  • Land Registry and Title registration fees
  • Legal costs in transferring the ownership of the land from Lord Andrew to you
  • Preparation of your Title document
  • Worldwide delivery of all your documents

Buying your Seated Title is easy

If you'd like to become a titled landowner for show purposes simply:

1. Decide your Title and the place name you'd like to give to your plot of land

2. Read our terms and conditions and then complete the Application for Title form. This form provides the information we need to process your request. In addition this form gives us the authority to act on behalf of you (or a third party if you’re buying a Seated Title as a gift) in completing the legal process involved in transferring land ownership.

3. Pay your fee of just £995

We'll write to you within 14 days to confirm we've received your application and the whole process will be completed within 4-6 weeks. Alternatively you can opt for our express service. For an additional £100 your Seated Title documentation will be with you within 2-3 weeks.

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