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Our Story

It was a normal Sunday – if there is such a thing – in late 1997 when I opened the newspaper. There it was, the article that would change my life and as it happened many others' too. I became more and more drawn in with every paragraph, sentence and word I read. I struggled to believe what I was reading but yes, it was true. There must be a way that I could make this "status" available to anyone, and so the journey began...

What was that article about you ask? Lords and Ladies, "old and new", it mentioned how during the course of their life they enjoyed the numerous perks offered to them in many situations. It was amazing. One word, Lord or Lady, changed everything.

My name is Andrew Bulpin, and that is me with Martha, a lively English Springer Spaniel...

Our Story.

I come from an entrepreneurial background here in Devon, England. With it's amazing coastlines and beautiful countryside we enjoy the very best of lifestyles the country has to offer, or so I thought. It seemed like those with a Title enjoyed an even better one!

Elite Titles was born.

In 1998, following extensive research the first advertisements were placed in national publications and the website went "live", I wanted to let everyone know that yes, they could become part of the "Elite" – those in society with a Title. A Title that they could use on a daily basis.

Would anyone be interested? Would they respond? More importantly – would they buy? I am pleased to say "Yes" the idea that you could buy a Title, did begin to catch on. It was and still is, nearly 20 years on, a niche market which is a good thing in many respects. You are reading this so you now know you can buy a Title but most of the population don't know...

Since then the website has been redeveloped several times and the services on offer expanded from the original Elite Title (which is still the "best seller"), to include Seated Titles (which remain unique to Elite Titles) and a Lord of the Manor service. Just like any small business we have faced challenges which seemed insurmountable at the time but we worked through them in a diligent manner.

Several years ago I purchased a title from yourselves. As you say, it is the best two hundred pounds I have ever spent. I managed to get it onto my driving licence but never made an effort to have it put onto other documentation..... my Lordship made a fantastic holiday for the children when we took them to disney...

Clients call and email with their experiences – they can't quite believe how differently they have been treated when travelling, etc. "Life changing" are words frequently used, followed by "I wish I had done this years ago!" Hand on heart, that is what makes this business so much fun for us and our clients, worldwide.

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