Titles with Royal Connections:
How A Little Land Could Do Wonders For Your Status

Tucked away on the banks of the estuary of the River Dart, the small harbour town of Dartmouth is a patchwork of narrow lanes, stone staircases and historic buildings.

But in addition to its architectural importance and historical significance, Dartmouth also has deep-rooted connections with the Crown and various royals with titles of nobility.

For example:

  • Its deep-water port made it an ideal sailing point for the Crusades.
  • It's been an important home for the Royal Navy since King Edward III's reign.
  • The town even got a mention in Geoffrey Chaucer's celebrated Canterbury Tales following his visit to the South West town back in 1373

"A schipman was ther, wonyng fer by weste;
For ought I wost, he was of Dertemouthe."

Important Royal Connections

But in terms of modern connections with English nobility, perhaps the most fascinating is Dartmouth's role in the Queen’s 65 year marriage to Prince Philip - the longest serving consort in British History.

You see back in 1939 and before the outbreak of the Second World War, King George VI visited Dartmouth with his two daughters - Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret.

During their time in the South West they visited the Britannia Royal Naval College. Princess Elizabeth was just 13 at the time and Philip, who was a promising cadet, was assigned the daunting task of entertaining the royal siblings. Photographic archives suggest it was over a game of croquet at the Royal Naval College that Princess Elizabeth first met her husband-to-be.

After this introduction it is said that the Queen and Prince Philip started to exchange letters. They were later married on 20th November 1947 and have enjoyed a long and happy union that has spanned over six decades.

This extract of a speech delivered at a Passing Out Parade in 2010 is a touching reminder of the significance of Dartmouth to the Queen.

"It is here at the Royal Naval College, perhaps more than anywhere else, that I am reminded of how time flies by…

I find it hard to believe that it is very nearly seventy years ago that I first came here with my parents just before the last war."

The Queen – From a speech delivered at the Royal Naval College on 10th April 2008

Dartmouth - A training ground for Kings

But it's not only the reigning monarch who has strong, personal connections with Dartmouth.

The Britannia Royal Naval College has played a key role in training and educating officers since 1863, and a number of high-ranking Royals holding titles of nobility have spent time there. The list includes Kings George V and George VI, Prince Charles (the Prince of Wales), Prince Andrew (the Duke of York) and the more recently titled Prince William (Duke of Cambridge).

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